, paragliding & hang gliding from Mount 7 Golden BC Canada

Maple LeafA Community of Foot-launched Pilots - Hang Gliding & Paragliding in Golden BC.

About Golden, British Columbia, Canada...

Golden is a town of about 3500 people, with another 3500 living in the surrounding rural area that relate to Golden. All kinds of outdoor activities abound: climbing, hiking, mountain biking, motor cross, white water rafting and kyaking, motorcycling, hunting in seasons, fishing, archery range, shooting range, canoeing, bird watching, and all kinds of skiing and snow-machining in winter. Not forgetting hang gliding and paragliding ! There are lakes and sloughs to go swimming in or just relax at. If you have not seen mountains before, you are going to see them here.

The Timberframe Covered Bridge in Golden

GOLDEN, B.C. - The plane ducked low and circled past the sheer walls...
Read More in an article about Golden...

Know that throughout BC, all restaurants and bars are now smoke free. Another good source of information is:
Kicking Horse Country Chamber of Commerce
500 10th Avenue North
Box 1320
Golden BC, Canada, V0A 1H0
Phone: (250)344-7125
Fax: (250)344-6688
Toll Free: 1-800-622-GOLD

Cell phone coverage
- good in town, but spotty down range There are several places that can help you deal with your radios and silicon wizardry - download, fix etc.
Notes on Hospital
This is a small one with not too many resources, although there are some excellent doctors, who, as we are on the Trans-Canada highway, are well practiced at ghastly emergencies. With anything serious, what happens is the patient is transferred to Foothills Hospital in Calgary - by road, helicopter, or Lear jet, as needed. They have the best of everything there. If you need it, this is the place to be.
There is also a good hospital in Banff (an hour and a half from Golden) with some excellent doctors and surgeons.

Flying Equipment
Muller Hang Gliding & Paragliding
Chris & Vincene Muller
Big Hill Rd
Box 2, Site 13, RR #2, Cochrane, Alberta, T0L 0W0
Tel/Fax: 403-932-6760 Email:
They deal Wills Wing and Apco, but have a lot of stock of all sorts of things. What they can not help you with, they can direct you to the best place to go. Cochrane is just outside Calgary, so is 3 hours from Golden.

Tilden 250-344-9899
They can get you what you want, but you do need to make arrangements in advance.

Calgary, Alberta, 3 hours East on Highway 1, International airport

Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) East - West
Highway 95 South to Cranbrook, and across the border to the US at Kingsgate Greyhound operates on both routes
Local depot Tel: 250-344-6172

There are numerous other sites from 1 hours to 5 hours drive away. Swansea = 1 hr, Panorama = 1 1/2 hrs, Wasa = 2 1/2 hrs, Revelstoke = 2 hrs, and the Okanagan valley and Kamloops area (=5 hrs) have a whole stack of them. They do provide some options for bad weather, and variety for those who have come from a really long way and for whom this trip could be one of a lifetime. Some of these sites do have some features, from long walks to HG friendly only launches to distant or non-existent LZ's, so check them out. The links will get you there.


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