Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada

2022 Season Gets Going-sort of.

Warning Signs at start of Bowle-Evans FSR

It’s been a long countdown of days this spring to access the Lookout launch by vehicle.On June 7, a couple of local pilots managed to plow their way through the water, mud and slush on the upper road to safely reach the main launch for an evening flight. Notwithstanding this, the weather hasn’t really cooperated to date. Its been cloudy, rainy, windy, and highly unstable. With lots of snow still up high in the mountains, when the sun does make its brief appearances heating up the valley bottom, over-development is not far behind. Consequently there have been virtually no flyable days in June to date. The evenings have cleared off on several occasions so some evening sled rides or “extended” sled rides have occurred. The second half of June is not forecast to be much better. The good news is that with all the rainfall, the fire season is being delayed and may not be too severe this year. One can only hope.

A new sign has popped up at the bottom of the access road. With the large increase in traffic of all types in recent years, the Forestry folks are noting that a lot of damage to the road has been building up. They are pleading with users that have 4 wheel drive to please use it to cut down on the amount of bone shattering washboard that inevitably develops. Dialing back the speed would help too. For some reason, many drivers on the road feel they have to stomp the gas pedal every time they encounter the slightest bit of uphill grade. Newsflash – this is not necessary. Save the Bowle-Evans road!

Have a safe and fun season everybody.