Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada

Getting ready for the 2017 flying season in Golden.

Mount 7 Summit Golden BCThe 2017 hang gliding and paragliding season in Golden BC will soon be upon us. Time to get signed up for the event of the season – The annual Willi-XC Challenge

The Willi Muller XC Challenge 2017

Event Dates: July 28 – August 7 (Flying Days: July 29-Aug 6)
Location: Golden, BC, Canada
Meet Headquarters: Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch (GEAR) Need a campsite? Better book it ASAP.
Registration: On-line and at the meet
Entry Fee: $100 before June 15/$150 after that

Meet Director: Stewart Midwinter

All pilots will require…

  • HPAC membership for Canadian pilots or Out of country temporary insurance for visiting pilots (purchase on site)
  • Willi and GEAR Waiver signed
  • SPOT, inREach or equivalent with tracking enabled
  • Reminder: We use GPS scoring for XC flights (Novices claiming only flights to the LZ are excluded). You will need a GPS to log your XC flights, and to be registered with the XC Canada On-line Contest (

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