Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada

Snowy Winter Might Mean Late Start to 2022 Season.

Mountain view near Golden BCWell it’s been a cold winter with a heavy snowfall. Snow has been slow to melt through March and April due to lingering cool temperatures and consistently overcast days.

As we approach the last two weeks of April, daytime temperatures are starting to warm up a bit but substantial snow depth remains above 800 meters and in shaded spots lower down. This would include the main launch (The Lookout) at 1940 meters. My guess is that the launch access road is going to remain impassible from 10k up to launch until at least the first week of June this year.

The long-range forecast predicts a cool and rainy spring. Even if things melt quickly in May there is going to be a lot of water flowing. This will result in water pooling, soft and muddy road conditions as well as much sloughing of snow and mud on the upper portions of the road, particularly in those sections that remain in the shadows for most of the day.

In the next few weeks, some of the local paraglider pilots will undoubtedly get themselves airborne from what is known as the 5K launch in an attempt to take advantage of strong early season thermals. It’s a relatively narrow patch of west facing open ground between tall trees on the lower part of Mt7’s north ridge. The 5K is a difficult launch. You need to know what you are doing to stay out of trouble. You should have the experience and skill of at least a P4 rating to launch safely there. If you don’t catch lift right off launch and you sink out even a little bit, there’s a good chance you won’t make it to the “Gravel Pit” landing zone. That’s the gravel patch directly  across the road from the Reflection Lake Staging area and the Rodeo Grounds  at the start of the Peter Bowle-Evans Forestry Service Road – i.e. the access road to the Lookout.

One important detail to note for early birds.  The Old LZ in Nicholson, The Ranch RV Park & Campground, has been sold. Please do not land or trespass there. Use of the new Skyview Ranch LZ this summer will require the signing of waivers and proof of HPAC membership/Insurance – no exceptions. Watch homepage for future announcements about availability/use of this LZ. Thanks to all for your patience.