Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada

Soggy start to the 2022 season…

Paragliding in Golden BC
While the Lookout (main launch) was accessible by vehicle as early as June 7, flying for the next couple of weeks was hampered by OD, rain and/or windy days. Most of the flights during this period were confined to the evenings when the weather tended to clear and winds settled down after 7pm.
Beginning June 24, for a handful of days, the flying conditions improved markedly. The June 25th weekend saw mid-day launches by a few local pilots with good climbs above the Lookout and the Mount 7 summit in moderately strong conditions. A couple of local pilots tested “the crossing” to Kapristo/Pagliaro then returning to Mount 7. One local pilot flew to Parson and back. Another local pilot took advantage of the great XC conditions to fly from
Revelstoke to Golden, then proceeding downrange from Golden to Radium. Other pilots contented themselves with exploring thermals along the ridgetops as they worked off early season rustiness. The balance of the week returned to unsettled weather with the exception of a couple of doable evenings.

At 1300 feet above Mount 7Friday July 1 (Canada Day) marked the first day of the Muller Windsports weekend for introducing this year’s crop of beginner pilots to their first high flights. Accordingly, launch was pretty busy Friday & Saturday. Both days were unexpectedly good flying. Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend with exceptionally strong lift in a brisk N/NW breeze. A handful of non-beginner pilots launched around 6:30pm. By 7:30pm they had all climbed to 13,000 feet or more. A few headed south while the rest contented themselves with boating around high above Mount 7 and the launch ridge. It was a really fun evening.

Increasing overcast and heavy rain returned on Sunday to finish off the long weekend. The rain and overcast continues as at this writing but things are looking good for next weekend and the following week. C’mon out. Let’s get at ‘er in Golden BC!

Many thanks to Calgary based paraglider pilot, Nate Neufeld, for the photos. Great pics Nate!