Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada


2018 Season on Mt7 is Good to Go!

Overlooking Golden BC from the Lookout on Mt7

Despite the huge amount of snow this past winter, the Lookout Launch on Mt. 7 was completely vehicle accessible on May 20th this year. Just a week prior, the road was blocked with snow at the 11km mark. Having gone up the mountain on the evening of May 20th with the intent to fly out of the 9k launch, I was surprised to find that the road was in excellent shape right to the Lookout.
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Sign up for the 2016 Willi XC Event

In 2016  The Willi-XC will be bigger and better! We will be celebrating the 20th Willi, the 25th year of paragliding competitions in Golden, and 40+ years of hang gliding in the Columbia Valley. All pilots who have flown Golden, past and present, are invited to join us for a Retro Night, Saturday, July 30 – a band, dancing, old friends and likely some stories! Wear an old t-shirt or flight suit, and enjoy a reunion with old pilots and new. You don’t need to participate in the Willi to attend.

Here’s what you need to know to participate in the actual flying competition…

  1. Book the Dates: July 22 to Aug 1(comp days July 23rd thru 31st).
  2. Register Now: You can register now at:
  3. Beat the Cap: Due to launch and other restrictions, registration will be limited to 120 pilots. As of today, almost 50 of your flying friends are already registered.

Head on over to The Willi XC Challenge website for complete details: