Paragliding & Hang Gliding in Golden BC Canada

The Annual Willi XC Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Fly Golden

Event Dates: July 24 – August 8, 2021

This will be the 25th year of what started as a side bet challenge amongst a small group for flying friends and has grown into an annual XC pilgrimage for many. Due to Covid restrictions, this iteration will not be the big event we had hoped for, but we want it to happen in the best possible way.

  • Virtual Event – registration, check-in, pilot meetings, scoring, etc. on-line.
  • 16 Flying Days – qualifying flights by registered pilots will count from July 24 thru Aug 8.
  • Multiple Launches – flights allowed from Mt 7, Swansea, or Wasa assuming local site rules adhered to.
  • Usual Scoring – your best 3 qualifying XC flights flown during the competition, reported via XCanada, and submitted on a timely basis will count toward your score.
  • Minimal Restrictions – Competitors are required to fly within the limits of their pilot qualifications and respecting all air space restrictions.
  • Tracking Required – you must fly with SPOT or InReach tracking enabled and registered with us.
  • Entry fee – $50

Location: Upper Columbia Valley
Meet Headquarters: Online
Registration: On-line
Entry Fee: $50

Meet Director: Randy Parkin

All pilots will require…

  • HPAC membership for Canadian pilots or Out of country temporary insurance for visiting pilots (purchase on site)
  • Willi and LZ Waiver signed
  • SPOT, inReach or equivalent with tracking enabled
  • Reminder: We use GPS scoring for XC flights (Novices claiming only flights to the LZ are excluded). You will need a GPS to log your XC flights, and to be registered with the XC Canada On-line Contest (
  • More Information at The Willi XC Challenge Website.

Let’s hope the fire & smoke situation does not totally compromise the event.
The current fire locations in the area can be monitored at this link.

Safe Flying Everyone!